Friday, March 31, 2017

Luxury Edition BMW X5 SUV Style 12v, Leather Seat, Lights, Mp3 Power Wheels with Remote Control, Ride on Electric Car for Kids - Red Real Paint

Product description:

Step on the gas and go! This exclusive BMW X5 Style is TOP OF THE LINE. The ultimate luxury SUV for rides on the sidewalk. With this stylish, comfortable, safety and look like a real BMW X5 design your baby will enjoy every moment. Its durably built wheels roll smoothly over paved surfaces while the car interior keeps young drivers entertained. Dimensions: 48x25x15xin Weight capacity: 65 lbs

  • The ultimate luxury 12v BMW X5 style with 1 wide leather seat for 1 child SUV for of road rides on the sidewalk.
  • Parental Remote Control, Leather seat, LED Wheels, lights , MP3/usb/sd, MUSIC AND MORE
  • Opening doors and hood, Adjustable Seat belt, Lifelike lights,3 Speeds
  • Perfect For 2-5 Years Of Age,Horn and Engine Sounds,shock absorbs and more. Dimensions: 48x25x15xin Weight capacity: 65 lbs

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