Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New 2016 Exclusive, Mercedes Benz, Style, 24V Powered Ride On Car, For Kids

Product Description:

This Mercedes Benz Sport style and world renowned name and design are desirable by both kids and adults alike. This Mercedes looks just as sporty and elegant as its adult counterpart. It comes standard with remote control, MP3 audio jack, charger, loud interior speaker, and working front and rear lights and engine sounds giving your child the feeling of driving a real car. The remote Control, seat-belts, and high doors are included to ensure the maximum safety of the child. This car can be operated by the parents using the hand held remote control, or by the child using the cars steering wheel and pedals giving your child the experience of a lifetime. *Assembly required (10-15 minutes) Assembled Dimensions: 52x36x23-inch Vehicle Weight: 57 lbs Box Dimensions: 52X29X15-inch.

  • Safety: Fixable Seat-belt, Parenting Wireless Remote Control, and Lockable High Doors (Adjustable Height)
  • Interior: Exquisitely Detailed Design, Working Horn, Start Up Engine Sounds, Aux Cord, Foot Pedal, Loud Speaker, and 2 Seats
  • Exterior: ECO ABC plastic, Realistically Detailed Wheels, Painted Body, LED lights, Rear Mirrors, and Working Front and Back Lights
  • Motor: 2X 12V Motor, 2x12/7AH Battery, Top Speed (3.5-5MP/H Front and 3.5MP/H Reverse), Rechargeable Battery (charger included), Running time 3-5 Hours
  • Ages: 2-6 years old, Weight capacity up to 110 lbs.

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